St. Margaret Mary's Activities

Ours is a very large and active parish, which means there is a lot to be done and always something going on. This is good, because it means that so many people can find a way of helping their parish and their church in a way that suits them.

  • Are you good with your hands, or better when dealing with people?
  • Are you more comfortable "behind the scenes" or better in the middle of the action?
  • Do you find it easier to be involved with children, or older people, or mainly of your own age?
  • Are you musical, artistic, have some acting talent, or some 'handyman' or handicraft skills?
  • Do you need social contact, somewhere to go, some way of using your abilities?

There are so many activities going on in our parish, that you would be hard pushed not to find something which would be of interest to you as a way of serving your church. There was an old Latin saying, 'Laborare est orare' - To work (for God and his church) is a form of prayer, especially if you do it in the right spirit.

Do browse through OUR ACTIVITIES pages on this website. Consider which ones might appeal to you, and take that first step; there are so many people who can help.

Many of the times and dates of these activities and where they take place can be found in our NEWSLETTER.

We are preparing a booklet listing all the activities which will be available shortly. You can see the first draft here