Altar Servers
St. Margaret Mary's Parish has an excellent team of altar servers and the Parish has often been praised for their reverence and liturgical awareness. We are always looking for new servers who are capable of accepting the commitments that being a server entails.

This ministry is open to both boys and girls who have made their First Holy Communion. After deciding upon which Mass is most suited to them, they begin by observing Mass for as many weeks as they wish, then gradually progress onto taking up the role of Server, Torch Bearer or Crucifer. Servers are also called upon to attend Solemn Masses on other holy days of the year. After one year, servers may join the Archconfraternity of St. Stephen and receive the right to wear the bronze medal of the guild.
Please contact James Finnegan (11.00 Mass) or Peter Ross (9.30 Mass), or leave your contact details with the Parish Office
ARISE - A group for people over 50
This is our parish group for older people who aim to stay active and interested, living life to the full. It is concerned with the whole spread of our life, so it is both practical and religious, but not "pious" nor killjoy. The activities of the Group are whatever members want it to be, currently including afternoon meetings, trips and days out. Recent events have included a day out to Salford Quays, and another to Skipton, and a Party to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee. For our forthcoming attractions, do keep your eye on our regular notice in the Parish Bulletin.

Our regular meetings are in the PARISH CLUB on TUESDAYS at 2.00pm (first room on the right).

The ARISE acronym stands for:

  • Activity - do things, open the doors in your mind, contribute to society, no matter what your age

  • Recreation - with others, let us enjoy the leisure in our life

  • Inspiration - we should keep looking for God's purpose in us, and grow old in grace (gracefully?)

  • Service - let's keep using our talents, for others. We have a lifetime of experience to offer

  • Education - keep enquiring and learning; don't stagnate
So when this kind of activity appeals to you, contact Maureen Murphy on 0151 489 0913 , or email her at maureenmurphy38@talktalk.net, you can also contact the Parish Office
Bereavement Team
The main thing is to attend funerals, unobtrusively, simply to be there to help things go smoothly. This can be as simple as handing out service cards, or pointing out where the toilets are. Maybe doing readings when members of the Family do not feel up to it. Making sure the CD player is working, blowing out the Paschal Candle afterwards and putting away the funeral pall. All those little unseen things which could otherwise make a difficult time much worse.
If this is something which interests you, please contact the Parish Office