Church Maintenance
Some people like to see our church looking lovely, and find they can give some time to make sure there is always a beautiful display of flowers; some of them have developed a rare gift of skills in this direction. Others are so proud of their church they give a couple of hours a week to tidy up after services and clean around as required so that it always sparkles. Some others take it in turns to see that our celebrants always look well turned-out and that the altar linens and banners always look the part.

We have a very pleasant lawn that needs mowing and maintaining, as does our Quiet Garden which helps many people to work through their grief and reach a level of acceptance. There is always something to be done, and these activities provide quite a lot of satisfaction to those who do it, as well as the social benefits and friendship that come from working together.
If this is something which interests you, please contact the Parish Office
Coffee Morning
After the Sunday morning Mass, coffee/tea and biscuits are offered in the Parish Club just behind the church. Many parishioners attend, and often find there are people there from many parish groups or activities, which makes it quite easy to get in touch with somebody, as well as meeting old friends - or making new ones. The work involved hardly needs explaining, and there are regular helpers who will explain what is needed, but knowing that you are helping people in the parish to make more contact instead of going straight home from church can be a very satisfying feeling.
If this is something which interests you, please contact the Parish Office
Eucharistic Ministers
There are two aspects to this kind of service. The most obvious is helping the Priest to give Holy Communion during a Mass, but possibly more important - and satisfying - is being able to take Holy Communion to people in the parish who cannot attend Mass themselves. It involves visiting them in their house, hospital or nursing home, usually directly from the Sunday morning Mass. As this is such a special activity, some training is needed, usually in Upholland, culminating in being Commissioned. There are a very good number of Ministers in the parish, but no limit on the number of people who can be commissioned.

Pairing with the Eucharistic Ministers - It is very important that our Eucharistic Ministers can feel safe and confident when they go into the homes of some of our very vulnerable families. That is why we are asking for people to accompany our ministers on a Sunday morning, probably once a month, for just over an hour. You would not need to be commissioned as a Minister, but the usual safeguarding checks would need to be made. Perhaps this important role in our parish community might appeal to you.
If this is something which interests you, please contact the Parish Office