This area of parish activity consists of a range of areas which might interest you. From the most obvious Collections at Mass, to secondary collections outside the church for special reasons, there is then the largely unseen work of opening the offertory envelopes, counting up the cash, and banking it. The envelopes themselves need to be distributed afresh every Easter, and encouraging more people to use them. There is also the matter of making it possible and easier for people to support their church by standing order, direct debit or other online banking methods.

Another very important matter is dealing with Covenants so that tax can be reclaimed for the parish; encouraging other tax-payers to sign up, covenanting their weekly offering, maintaining our current group of covenanters.
If this is something which interests you, please contact Eddie Gallagher through the Parish Office
Flower Arrangers
At present we are a group of six ladies working in pairs on a three weekly rota.

On special occasions such as Christmas, Easter and Quarant Ore we have a faithful band of helpers as it takes many hours to prepare for these special events when we like to enhance the beauty of our church for the glory of God.

This is a most enjoyable and social activity. You do not have to have good flower arranging skills to start with, as you would learn by joining in with us.
If this looks interesting to you, do email Win Ehlen win@ehlen.orangehome.co.uk or contact her through the Parish Office
Justice and Peace Group
We have had a Justice & Peace Group in our parish for many years; this group was formed about twenty years ago and is referred to as the Faith & Justice Group. We have ten members and meet on the second Thursday each month at 7.30 pm in the Parish house.

Our aims are to create awareness of the injustice in the world. Support those who suffer for justice. Support those who work for the poor. Offering the hand of friendship and working with other people.

To do this we try to support campaigns for organisations like CAFOD, CAP, Trade Craft, Mercy Ships, Asylum Link and many disaster appeals.

Parish Activities include, Trade Craft stall, Fair trade events. Prisoners of conscience Christmas card campaign.
For further information contact Phil Cooke through the Parish Office, or come along to one of our meetings, you will be made very welcome