Although many Masses and services have music provided by the Music Ministry team, there is a good and pleasant organ which is in regular use. It is a relatively simple instrument, having two manuals, with just a few stops on each, and provision for a pedal board to be fitted some time. The parish has a few organists in its ranks, but even so there are times when organists from outside the parish need to be called on. If you are an organist already, do ask to try your hand on ours some time, and if you can already play piano or keyboard and think you might like to become an organ player, get in touch and someone will help you through your conversion process.
If this is something which interests you, please contact the Parish Office
Parish Archivist
Our Parish dates from 1933, and has acquired rather a lot of history. Much of this is in a number of box-files, but even more is in people's own homes and memories. Fortunately we do now have a Parish Archivist who aims to get all this material into proper shape and order, and some of the results will find their place in this web-site. However, much of the material is of photographs - with nothing written on the back! So much detective work remains to be done to identify people, events and dates. There is also an important task of talking to people, finding out what they remember, what source material they have in old albums and storage; this needs to be gathered for the posterity of our parish before it disappears or fades away. History is happening even now, and this needs to be viewed with an eye to our history, gathered and stored within the great scheme of things, properly documented and filed.
Is this the kind of thing which appeals to you as a way of serving your parish? Do contact our Archivist through the Parish Office
Planned Giving
Envelopes - Covenants - Standing Orders

One important source of parish income is from income tax reclaimed from the Taxman by taxpayers who covenant the money they give to the parish. So we aim to persuade every taxpayer who donates to the church to sign up for a Covenant. However, the tax authorities need some proof that this giving is actually happening, and their preferred proof is by the taxpayer making their gift to the church by using special numbered Envelopes (or indeed by Standing Order through a bank). These methods provide another benefit to that church in that the parish is assured of a regular predictable income rather than just what might be given in loose cash.

To gain these benefits for the parish does take some work, some of it seasonal, some of it regular, and quite a bit fiddly and tiresome, but all of it important and significant. Every year new sets of envelopes have to be labelled and issued, covenants checked and updated, and detailed reports to the Archdiocese. Each week the envelopes given in have to be opened and counted, and the amount given to be set against that Number.
Perhaps this kind of thing is a way you feel you could help your parish? Do contact Sheila Smith or Monica Parry, possibly at coffee morning, or through the Parish Office