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Christ the Son of God is our Shepherd ... Do we know his voice?

Today's Gospel is quite short, just four verses long to be exact, and yet those four verses tell us all we need to keep our faith alive.

Jesus knows we need leadership, just like sheep, he saw himself as the Good Shepherd because this is how he was described by the prophets. The relationship between a Shepherd and his sheep is unique. The sheep know and trust Him, just as we know and trust Jesus.

Our relationship with Jesus is a deeply personal one. All of us here today have a different relationship than anyone else. We all have a real need to follow Him and we need to hear His voice. And yet we are all easily swayed to easier options that life can offer us, we don't hear His voice, yet we have no need to worry. 'No one shall snatch them from my hand'. We are His and remain His. God will never let us go. But it is up to us to listen for His voice and to be guided by want He wants us to do.

So what is the Gospel saying to us in those short verses? It is reminding us once more of this one basic and solid fact of life. . . We are destined for an eternal life. Our Good Shepherd, Christ our Saviour, promised to give us this eternal life if we listen to His voice and follow Him.

Claire Lawson, Youth Leader