The Parish of

St. Margaret Mary's

St. Margaret Mary's is a Roman Catholic Community committed to the realisation of Gospel values.

Established in 1933, ours still counts as one of the younger parishes of Liverpool Archdiocese, with a modern "post-Pugin" church of which we are all very proud. Along with our schools and our parish centre, it is at the heart of a very active and thriving community. It really struck me how true this is when I saw the the Activities section for the first time, listing the wide range of involvement in our parish by so many people. We are indeed a community in ourselves, but by our schools and our outreach parish activities we are very much involved in our broader local community. In this way we hope that our actions and our lives will help to bring to everyone whose lives we touch on something of the values of Christ and his message of love.

Through this web-site we hope you will gain a wider and deeper understanding of who we are, here in St Margaret Mary's, and what we do. Please have a good look through the rest of this web-site.

At the top of the page you will find links to other pages in this section, Pastoral Area aims to explain how our local parishes are moving towards better co-operation and sharing of resources, Biography has details of the life of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, our parish Saint, Church History will set out the history of St. Margaret Mary's and her position in the Parish, Mass Times gives details of our usual services, Newsletter highlights the main article article and gives access to the complete newsletter in PDF format, Schools will link to our Infant School with its Nursery and our Junior School just up the road and finally Links will provide addresses of outside websites we feel may be of further interest.

Father Mark