Your Questions

Your first port of call if you have any queries relating to St Margaret Mary's should be the Parish Office where our helpful staff will be able to give you answers to most questions and if not will arrange for the person best suited to help you to get in touch at a moment convenient for both parties concerned.

Below we try to answer the most common questions we are asked on a regular basis.

Q. I wish to talk to Father Mark

A. Through the Parish Office giving them your details and Father Mark will contact you as soon as possible.

Q. At Christmas, what time is Midnight Mass?

A. It is at Midnight, although there is Carol Singing from 11.30, and you are advised to be there by then to be sure of a seat. (Some people have long lingering memories of over twenty years ago, when the time was moved to avoid problems with drinkers staggering in).

Q. I would like to get my baby Baptized, what is my first step?

A. Contact the Parish Office to arrange a date and time, but be aware of the following points:-
If your baby has already been baptized in any Christian church or denomination, then it is already done and cannot be "done again". If the correct form of words have been used, then the child is already a Christian. Baby is already "Christened" and is part of Christ.
If you do not live in the Parish area there could be other problems. Do contact the Parish Office to explain your situation.

Q. How can I find out if my house really is inside the parish boundary?

A. Follow this link to download a detailed official map, as used in the Parish Office and the Archdiocese. There is a problem area in the curved (concentric) roads off Windsor Road. For these you will need to look at the little text box, lower right, to see the exact house numbers which are inside the parish. In some roads there is a path or alley separating the two sections of houses.
If you are not in this parish but very close, then this map will also indicate in which parish you do actually live.

Q. A close relative is going into hospital. How can I get the Priest involved?

A. It is far better to arrange for a Priest to visit your relative BEFORE they go into hospital. All sorts of spiritual guidance, help and blessings can be done beforehand. It can be much more difficult for the Priest to get to the Royal, to Whiston, or wherever, than to visit a house in the Parish. The best advice is to get it sorted before you go in.